A Strange Night

 Trixi DSC00004

It’s Friday the 13th! I didn’t even realize that until now. Humm… and wasn’t there a full moon last night as well? Wait, it was a Waning Gibbous, almost a double whammy there. Whew!

I have gotten over worrying about Friday the 13th by deciding that they are lucky days for me and it is actually the 14ths I have to worry about! And of course when the 14ths also have a full moon accompanying them then the dogs and I sit up all night baying at the moon. Some strange force has me picking up all their favorite meatless bones that are laying around the house. By the way, that is where the saying ‘I’ve got a bone to pick with you’ came from. Just in case you were wondering. (ummmm don’t look that up!)

I can never really figure out what to do with them, but I must pick them up none the less as they all disappear from the floor. As the sun rises, come morning, we are all found sprawled out in the family room them looking particularly happy and me…I have a strange, stale, meaty taste in my mouth, which always drives me to the butcher that day to get them some new bones. Very strange.

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