A Little Dipper


Monty, doer of all strangeness within our walls,  Bestower of many things for me to conversate about, would like me to convey his annoyance with me for laughing at him when he drinks water from a bowl. A lover of water, he really enjoys getting a drink in many different ways. Actually a lot of his ways could fit into the ‘Slob’ category but sometimes they are actually very dainty looking. However, I’m pretty sure he would take offense as being labeled as dainty as well, so I will skip the labels and cut to the chase. He just can’t drink like a normal cat, (if there is such a thing). He often sits beside the water bowl dipping his paw in to scoop up a little water and then licks it off his paw  ‘…ahhh pure heaven’. He will sit and do this for half an hour at a time. There are times when he has to go to the dish and slap the surface of the water many times, occasionally with both paws… ‘submit oh fluid of life, submit I say….!’ Once he has beaten it into submission he can then masterfully lap it up. Thought the most annoying (and often occurs when he is most annoyed at me) is the ‘Move The Entire Bowl’ method.  ‘Move The Entire Bowl’ really didn’t take him that long to master. He simply plops himself down by the bowl and proceeds to push the bowl around in quick small jerks so the water spills over the sides in waves. When he feels a large enough puddle has been created, he drinks. He has emptied large bowls this way, because obviously the ‘best’ water is at the bottom.

Once  when my OH was working close by, a good 3 times in about a 30 minute span, the bowl was emptied by Monty and again filled by either my OH or myself (the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing). When I saw it, I just thought, ‘oh Monty’s done now’ wiped up the water and031403_monty 2 refilled the bowl. Many wet towels later my OH caught on and put the bowl up on the counter putting an end to it. A necessary step to break the cycle. It was for Monty’s own good. He was suffering from a very severe bowl moving funk, it just wouldn’t release him. Either that or he was getting back at me for getting him a food shaped so he  couldn’t bite the ends off of to leave all over the house.