Sunny Spots


 In this house the most important spot is any area that has even  the slightest amount of sun hitting the surface. Scooter takes this very seriously. If there is no bed on the sunny spot he tries very hard to ‘think’ one over into the area. If that doesn’t work then he stares at the person in the room trying to ‘think’ them into moving the bed into the sunny area. And if *that* doesn’t work, then he claws, pushes and shoves the bed in the direction of the sunny area. By the time he has tried everything that hasn’t worked, and IF the sunny spot is still there, he walks over and throws himself down in the sunny spot stretching his very long body as far and wide as possible. Making sure everyone must now walk over him to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ while looking at you like, ‘seeee – you should have just moved the bed!’


Lite Snow


PICT0074freshsnowcrop Yep…the skinny stuff, no calories….just a little fluff. It has been good to make things look clean, no yellow snow at the moment because it is currently snowing, but the hounds always make it their business to have their business be everyone’s business…so it goes that by the time they are out a couple times it is pretty clear where the dogs live. Look for the yellow snow and you will find a dog (or in our case the dogs!) Dogs are pretty ‘out there’ where bodily functions go, whereas cats are…..shhhhhh, ‘scuse me’ shhhhh….going in to a little covered box where I will have my privacy, and then….shhhhh (quietly now)….cover it up so no one sees it…I will tip toe back to where I was and get in the exact same position I was in before I did my ….shhhh…. business. No one will even know I did my business, because I am a cat. No body’s business is my business and my business is no one else’s business.

Really quite the big difference between the two!

Dogs are all ‘yeah, yeah….right here…I got your business right here! And I advertise!’

Unless of course your cat has gas…then it is a little more everyone’s business but still not as bad as several Greyhounds with gas, and for those moments we stock Federally approved gas masks or, if it is your choice, we can just let it render you unconscious and drag you out into the fresh air to recover. (Not recommended when the temps are -zero outside).