The dogs went out this morning, still dark outside and found it was pouring rain. ThePICT0010 water was standing on top of what was still left of the snow, which is now a sheet of ice. I had sanded it (have more than once in the last few weeks) and even still there was an awful lot of slipping and sliding out there. I was concerned especially for Blew, the old man, because he has a weak rear end going on, and I thought he’d be doing the splits out there. But he didn’t go out far, and did pretty well. Scooter it didn’t really bother in the slightest (he’s the youngster here at about 5 years old). Renner was not amused and walked slowly, I think he slid around more than the rest. He is the middle man at about 7. But the warmer temps are nice. It is 42 right now. This is going to freeze most likely in the next few days and wow, won’t that be good fun. For now we are going to just enjoy the warmth though.

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