Hey, It’s Warm, Boots? Naw We’re Tough

Warm…well considering (28 degrees) how the weather goes in MN this time of year, a lot of times it is the most exciting thing going on. When it gets around this temp snow is never far away and stands to reason it has found its way into the forecast for the next few days. Quite a bit of it melted in the last couple of weeks with our warm spells and all. On the other hand the water that has formed from the melting snow is now a crunchy ice pack and makes for a poor running environment for my greyhounds who often feel the need for speed. Needless to say they have suffered some minor nicks when making the rounds. Two of my hounds have real issues with boots, another one is a total spaz when you put boots on him. I have several pair of expensive boots in their closet that I’d love to put on them when they go outside during times when the terrain is rough for paws. I gave it up when we were outside one day and one of them threw one boot, had the others loosened…and was just generally not happy with the situation. Still I was determined these guys were wearing their nice boots! I bent over to put this one hound’s (okay…it was Blew!) boots on right and just as I was getting the last one on he decided to bolt. My glasses went one way, I flew another…I think it would be safe to say ‘I had my bell rung’ big  time. When I found my glasses, I noted that now Blew was running around with two boots on right, one missing and the other ‘tread’ side up. Renner only had one boot on. Blew was standing on a patch of ice doing his best ‘Bambi’ impression (if you have seen that movie, where Bambi first stands on ice). Renner was running around on three legs because he still had a boot attacking one foot! Yeah….gave up on the boots after that. Now, days when the terrain is ultra rough just becomes a ‘no run’ day.

‘Blew and Renner Share A Little Sunshine’



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