Today On The Mississippi – Sept 18

It is 58 degrees outside and dreary. People are beginning to leave to go to…where ever they go for the Fall/Winter season.

The place here is starting to close down.


Pool is drained and covered – done for the season.

Lots are starting to empty. Mandatory closing date is October 14th.


That is when we will be removing our RV.  Because we close on our house October 11th, we will be sleeping here that night because we get our furniture October 12th.  Unlike the old house, we can’t keep the camper at the new one for storage.  We have a storage space lined up elsewhere. Of course, we will have to pay to park it there.  Our camper can sit in our drive way for a few days for us to ready it for travel, but we can no longer leave it plugged in during Spring, Summer and Fall, with the food in the fridge – ready to go all of the time.  So it is a bit of a trade off… 😦  But it is…what it is.  So the camper will be coming to our house on the 13th or 14th, depending on how moving in is going.

Also, we will be trying to keep it around because of our Daughter in Chicago is expecting and we plan to go to Chicago and stay in the area around October 19th.  We do have a plug for it installed in the new house outside of the garage area to have it plugged in for the few days it is allowed to sit in our driveway.


It is pretty apparent that Fall is arriving in Minnesota. Mandy and I were walking and the wind was very gusty, a storm blowing in bringing with it cooler temps. Leaves were swirling all around us with the threat of rain.  I could feel the temperature dropping from the upper 70’s to the upper 50’s as I walked. It was like the AC had been turned on outside.

I had been at Target earlier and saw the wall clouds moving in, so I hurried to get home to walk Mandy before the rain began.


Also, this last weekend, we did some shopping for the house…mostly looking, not buying, because we don’t have anywhere to store the items we want to put into the house right away…because of not getting our furniture until the next day. Then met up with our kiddos for dinner and just some general walking/shopping …messing around.

We had a strange visitor while shopping –


Chewbacca is that you? Turn around….Chewy let’s see your face!


Wait…I know this guy…!  Fool me once…. 😉

Happy Tuesday!

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