House – September 20

A lot of rain overnight, so though I haven’t been over to the house yet…it must be more of a mud pit than it already was yesterday.   I will probably get over there later today to see it. Can’t get around the outside much because I already lost my shoes in the mud once…not doing *that* again. (It sucked them right off my feet…was not a fan of standing barefoot in a bunch of mud trying to get my shoes back, they were stuck down in the mud about a foot deep, fool me once… duh).   Long story….

Yesterday the cleaners were there when I got there.  I’m kind of surprised they did this already, but I suppose it helps them see what they still need to fix and unveils the floors to make sure all is well with the floors.


Cleaning the main bath, no mirrors yet.  They must be saving most of the interior glass work for last.


Kitchen…I would really like to get in and look at it better, but I haven’t gone in at a time where I could do that without bothering someone.


Floor in living room – still wet from them mopping.


This was a really dark and rainy day out so the photos reflect it and the cleaners had all the lights on.


Sun room – where the ceiling fan will go is a light bulb for now.


Doors are installed for the closet in the office….and occasional bedroom.


Guest bedroom floor is looking good…I forgot to look inside the closets – that is where all the paint was on the floor.  I will be looking to check that out too next time I manage to get in…which may not be until the walk through at this point.


This is the bench area as you come in the door from the garage.  The door to the left of the photo is actually the door to the ‘flex room’ which will be our storage and cat room.


Laundry room sans washer and dryer which are a slate color.


Master bedroom floor.


Master bedroom – knock down ceiling – awaiting ceiling fan installation they installed just a light bulb.


Master bath – elec. plate missing on the wall, no glass yet. The shower to the left of the photo does not have the glass in yet…that wall you see behind the door is going to be glass. It is a big shower with a drying area, so no curtain needed. You go in and out of the shower on the end you cannot see in this photo.


AND we even have a toilet…who knew… 😉

Linen closet is below:


The master bedroom closet it HUGE…love it! (Below)


It is probably as big as the flex room.


We will be putting in built ins like we had at the old house.  It takes some time to do that as we did it ourselves at our old house, but it turned out great and we loved it. So we will do it again, just have to figure out how we want to configure it and what pieces we need. That will be going up soon after we move in because we don’t have drawers otherwise and will be living out of boxes except for the hanging items.  Don’t want to spend money on furniture we won’t keep using.

The next photos are for Bruce.


Master bedroom – tv ready. Special connections in the wall. TA DA!


Window screens were in the garage. You can see how wet it is outside…the first part of the garage floor is wet – looks like there is a blue piece of tape which means something needs to be done.  I’m thinking they need to get the paint off the garage floor?


AND it looks like the 50 amp for the RV has been completed, though I couldn’t get over to the box to look at what is under the cover, so will try to look at that.  Might wear my puddle jumpers so I don’t lose my shoes again in the process.



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