What a Week

I am at the last couple of weeks in this session of school, trying to finish things, taking exams, just one hassle after another pops up. I’m just trying to fit everything into, sometimes, seems like an impossible time frame. To add to this more ‘normal’ bustle, TA-DA, camping season has begun for us.


“TA-DAA! Let The Camping Begin!”

We start a little earlier than others do because ‘we can’. Yes, no kids in school and the heat of a furnace in our RV…in Minnesota it is still in the 30’s Fahrenheit at night right now. That temp is only for the hardiest tent campers to be sure.

ANYWAY so it is like running two houses then, instead of one and I am all into getting the house on wheels ready, washing up things that had been stuffed away, getting food in and so on. Though very tired at that point, it is worth it just to GET AWAY!, go some place else, walk some trails, have a campfire….ROAST MARSHMALLOWS (which I am well known for!).  So it has come time to go, OH home from work is changing his clothes then we will be off. He moves a cargo trailer, which sits in front of the RV most of the time while parked by the house, to drive the RV down to the road. Then I generally push the trailer back to where it belongs so I can drive the car down as we hitch the car to the back of the RV.

The problem came when I pushed the front trailer wheel right over my right foot. OUCH!  Couldn’t move or even breath there for minute or 5. Yep…I got it off, but couldn’t even utter a word. I have broken my little toe and caused a lot of bruising. Then after the first pain came and went, my foot was numb. Even though my OH had then suggested we call off the trip, heck…I couldn’t feel my foot (not much pain in that) so I was GOING!  I’d done a lot of work to get this thing in gear, and wasn’t stopping for anything.  Once inside the RV I took some Alieve and the pain had returned….I rode with my foot up on the dash the whole way.


Here is the culprit, the little hard wheel in the front , that did in my foot and started this whole messy week!

I hobbled around pretty well though considering and my two year old grandson (we met my kids there at the park they have a tent trailer) wanted to walk so fortunately his small steps were a really good excuse for me *not* to hurry along the trails. 

rainy hiking

We didn’t  do much trail walking though, turned out to be a rainy weekend, so the hiking was off and on small trips. I used a hiking stick that we have tucked away in the closet most of the time and relied on it so heavily that my arm muscles were sore. I must have walked so oddly trying to protect my right foot that my back began to ache.

Once home I went about normal chores both for the  RV and house until Friday. When, after mopping the tile in the kitchen and rolling around with the vacuum cleaner on the floor to clean under the couch, I suddenly was in so much pain I could hardly stand taking a deep breath. My back decided enough was enough and was protesting it the loudest voice it had. PAIN! 

Pain visualization

(Ok, that’s not me and he is really not in a lot of pain…just being forced to wear a cow rain slicker and boots…but thought you could use a little visualization at this point.)

I was miserable and could hardly find a position to sleep in. Saturday I woke up only to feed the animals, take them out and then went back to sleep. By Saturday afternoon it was better, but I was still having problems moving and this has pretty much persisted and is ongoing as I am taking time to sit here and write about it.  Most likely I will give it a little more time and then if it doesn’t improve go to see a doctor, though I have not a lot of faith that they will do much. Not big on going to doctors and have seen way more of them than I ever wanted to.

So that is the way it is here right now…. to think that all this because I was an idiot who pushed a trailer over her foot…. from now on I will let someone else do the pushing….or my daughter suggested steel toe boots, that might be the ticket.


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