ABC Wednesday ‘S’

Today the letter for ABC Wednesday is ‘S’.

Sand…purple Sand.


I got this purple Sand for my grandson to play in on days he Stays with me. It is supposed to be ‘dustless’ and I thought it was pretty cool until we actually ‘played’ with it. Sticks to everything, doesn’t come off easily and has me wishing now that I’d just gotten the plain old fashioned Sand for him. I fully intend to try mixing it first and if that doesn’t work – out it goes and back to Mother Nature’s intended.

Sitting on top of the bucket of Sand is Sidewalk Chalk. Also another fun outside toy. As you can see in the background we even have a little rake you can fill with different colors and walk around making fun designs with.



Sitting….. look at the way my little 2 year old Grandson Sits. Long ago are the days I could Sit like that at all, and he does it effortlessly and for long periods of time (well long in toddler terms).


Our Sweet Shasta. Racing name: Mr. Shasta. Status: retired.




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