Today On The Mississippi

Waking up the river –


Today on Miss1 7.25.18.jpg


Today On The Miss2 7.25.18.jpg


Today On The Miss3 7.25.18.jpg


Today On The Miss4 7.25.18.jpg

So far the day is cloudy and rainy so there is not much action on the river right now except for these ladies:

Today On The Miss5 7.25.18.jpg

Yes – another bad photo of ducks…one of these days I will snap a decent photo of these ladies.

Mandy 7.25.18.jpg

Mandy: Mom woke me up (seriously Mom?) just so I could say, ‘Have a ‘Waggin’ good Wednesday!

House – July 24th


Yes, we finally have the framing for our house beginning.  House 7 24.18.jpg

Below is a roof truss that should be up soon – lots of wood on both sides of the street for our house now.

House2 7.24.18.jpg

The elec. walk through should be in a few weeks.  After the electrical walk through we should be able to get a better estimate of when the house will be finished and the closing can take place. We should get our moving in date.