House on July 23rd

Quick update on our mini-mansion. We were out to see it yesterday evening.

house july 23 1.jpg

The lumber is there, should be some sticks going up this week.

House July 23 2.jpg

Ahh –  actually it looks like the first couple of stick have already been set in place. Mandy is checking it out.

Mandy at house 7.23.jpg

Mandy: What in the rawhide is going on here…they keep telling me to remember this number.

Once the sticks start going up it doesn’t take long for things to really take shape.

Today On The Mississippi

Mandy: Good morning!

Mandy 7.24.18.jpg

Mandy: Don’t mind the photo, my Mom has been at the ‘special filters’ again. However, I just wanted to welcome you to today’s post. The photos were taken very early today.

Today on the Miss1 7.24.18.jpg

There is no breeze…the dog’s bike wheels are still and our flag has lost its wave. Try to take a close look at the river.Today on the Miss2 2.24.18.jpg

A morning mist has appeared as the sun begins to warm up the traveling water.

Today on the Miss3 2.24.18.jpg

The mist slowly lifts from the water’s surface and moves off the river in a different direction than the river’s flow.

Today on the Miss4 2.24.18.jpg

Beautiful and a little eerie at the same time.

Today on the Miss5 2.24.18.jpg

Above is a look at the ‘left’ point of the cove.

Today On The Miss6 7.24.18.jpg

In just the amount of time it has taken to create this post – the mist has gone.Today On The Miss7 7.24.18.jpg

And it is business as usual.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!