House July 27


Fireplace framed in – living room.


Garage by breaker box. Windows to go in sat in garage.


Some drywall finished in garage.


Laundry & furnace room area.


Transom in dinning area between kitchen and sun room.


Windows in large shower and drying area in Master Bath.


Window in ‘flex room’ between garage and laundry room.


Today On The Mississippi


Beautiful sunshine with the ducks out already soaking up the rays. It is supposed to rain later this afternoon.


And again the river fog swirling over the moving water.   In this photo you also see a log sticking out of the water which turtles sit on and bask in the sun. How much you can see of it depends on how high the water is of course.


Above you can see that they also roast plastic flamingos here. It might be a little hard to see it, but the flamingo is on a spit over fake flames.

girl on pink harley 7.28.18 Miss. River.jpg

Also a photo of a girl on a pink Harley, battery powered.  Sometimes, going quickly so the lady with her would have to run, then suddenly throwing it in reverse nearly tossing herself off. I’d like to say that the blurring is on purpose to protect the little girl’s identity…but I would be lying. Still you can tell what it is so….   Hey, we run with a tough crowd here, doing tricks on pink Harley’s and roasting flamingos.

Mandy: Ugh, the whole thing just wears me out. (stop with the funny photos Mom!) Mondays are just SO hard.

Mandy 7.30.18.jpg

Have a Marvelous Monday!