Major changes have taken place in our lives around here.  It all started with my being ‘retired’ from my job the end of December (2017) . We had been talking about selling the house we built 28 years ago and raised our family in.  We finally decided it was as good as time as any so, as promised back in January, I am going to update you on what’s going on around here. After doing some decluttering, painting, re-carpeting and general updates, we staged our house and put it on the market the first part of February.  This was as advised by more than one relator. We also saw a few relators before choosing one to sell our house. Even though we lived in Minnesota and I thought it was kind of a silly time to put a house on the market the beginning of Feb., we went ahead and did it.  I should have gone with my gut about the timing of it all – I did a lot of research and analysis on the whole thing – but listened to the relators anyway. As a result we paid for our staging and had to go through living without our ‘stuff’ and protecting the stager’s items for much longer.  I hadn’t wanted to put it on the market until the end of March…first part of April.  Hardly anyone came through our house in Feb. and March, and those that did were just not really interested in buying a house at that time.  However, once April rounded the corner we began getting the offers.  By the first of June it was goodbye house:


Mandy house 2018

and Hello Mississippi River RV park and living in our RV:

Mississippi River View

RV on Mississippi

As you can see below – this really stresses Mandy out:

Mandy in camper 2018 cropped

Mandy is a pretty happy camper.

So that is how we got to where we are now. We are building a new house, down sizing to a one level detached townhouse because when my significant other retires we will be traveling around a lot more and wanted a home base where we didn’t have to worry about plowing the snow and taking care of the yard while we are gone.The new place should be ready for us to move into in October at some point. Our two cats are currently living with my Daughter and her family until we move into the new place. We really appreciate them helping us out in this way. All the possessions that couldn’t find a place in the RV went into storage until the new place is finished.

Now that the major portion of our news is out of the way, I will go backwards in time in the days to come, to catch up on what has transpired up until now.

Hoping you all are keeping it happy!

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