Today on the Mississippi River

Hi all.

Since we are on the banks of the Mississippi River for the next few months I thought it might be a little interesting to track day to day in photos. I am not sure I will be doing it everyday because, to be honest, it looks the same A LOT!  So we will see how it goes I guess.



Today on Miss7 7.18.18We have a post we can hang things on. I have some petunias and my Greyhound Spinner hanging out there.


Today on Miss2 7.18.18

Lots of wildlife  – Geese, Ducks, Turtles and Fish jumping.  Birds galore as well. The other day I saw a Bald Eagle diving over the cove by the river (which we are parked on) to catch his breakfast.  Took him 3 tries but he finally landed a pretty big one.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

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