Old Firehouse & Police Museum, Superior, WI.

While up north during the week of July 4th one of the places we stopped at on a rainy day was the Old Firehouse & Police Museum. Though it was not all that large of a museum it had a lot of interesting things, upstairs and down.  Lots of photos to come, not much chat.

Old Firehse Superior WI 2 7.18

402 23rd. Ave. East, Superior, WI
Always FREE admission at the last of Superior’s 1890 Fire Halls. It is last of Superior’s 19th Century Fire Halls.

Firehouse Superior WI 7.2.2018

Dal and Firetruck Superior WI 7.18

Fire truck Sup. WI 7.18

Firehouse Sup. WI3 7.18

Firehouse Sup. WI 7.18

Old Fire trucks Sup. WI2 7.18

Old Fire trucks Sup. WI 7.18

Clifford Firehouse Sup. WI 7.18

Whoa…what’s with Clifford the Big Red Dog?

Chair made of firehose 7.18

Grandson in chair made of old Hoses.

Old Fire Extengishers 7.18

Old Fire Extinguishers

Asbestos Suit 7.18

Asbestos Suit worn by Firefighters.

Control center upstairs Fire and Police 7.18

Control Center in the upstairs portion of the station.

Upstairs Fire and Police Pole and hose 7.18

Pole, hose upstairs in the Station.

Helmets and Gear Fire and Police Sup. WI 7.18

Lockers for Police and Firemen 7.18

Lockers for Firemen and Police.

Upstairs Gear 7.18


Upstairs quarters Fire and Police2  7.18


Upstairs quarters Fire and Police 7.18

Police Helmets 7.18

Police Gear

upstairs Police 7.18

superior police 7.18

Upstairs Fire and Police 7.18

Grandson Jailed 7.18

Awww – someone was not behaving!! Grandson Locked Up! Winking smile

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