4th of July in Two Harbors

So every year for the last several years we go camping up in Two Harbors, MN for the 4th of July. This year the weather was all over the board, foggy, cool, rain, sun, warm….  but it just wasn’t as hot as down in the Twin Cities area so we were glad to be there.  The weather was pretty quick moving, changed a few times daily.  So you just stayed pretty much ready for whatever Mother Nature was going to throw at you.

Though throughout the week we were up there we wandered all around the North Shore area, however, on the 4th we stuck around the Two Harbor area where we attend the fireworks show.

The kids bring their own fireworks to shoot off while we are waiting for the show to start and for after the show while the traffic and the crowds diminish.

Kee setting off Fireworks 7.4.18

Photos: The kids shooting off fireworks before the show.

Kids setting off fireworks 7.4.18

Then we saw a ship coming into the harbor:

Boat coming into harbor 7.4.18

The fog was rolling in and out pretty quickly at this time, it is amazing how quickly the weather can change on Lake Superior.  It was a slow process for the ship to finally doc so the sun began setting which allowed me to get some nice photos with the sunset, fog and docs in the background while the kids did sparklers on the shore.

Kris and Kee on the shore with fireworks fog 7.4.18

Kris and Kee on the shore with fireworks 7.4.18

Kris and Kee on the shore with fireworks fog2 7.4.18

Then at the end of the night the wind was pretty high so we went back to the beach by our campers to send off the Chinese Lanterns.  I like to do this and dedicate one to my Mom that passed away a few years ago, and recently my husband’s Dad passed away, so this year we dedicated one to him as well. Hoping they will touch the sky and sending our love to both of our love ones at the same time.  We also make wishes as they leave us and fly across the sky.  This year we lit 5 of them.  One per person.

chinese lantern lighting2 7.4.18

Chines lantern lighting 7.4.18


chinese lantern lighting1  7.4.2018

Not the easiest photos to see I know.

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