Mandy Says ‘Hey’!

I haven’t been seen around on the blog for quite a long time, but I’m still here!


I turned 9 years old the 1st of January 2017 and am still going strong. This photo is of me listening because I really only ever listen with one ear at a time. I still run like the wind, especially when there is a turkey in my yard…or even an imaginary turkey. One time a turkey was waaayyy at the back of the yard and I ran to catch it. It flew off before I could get there but the smells were still fresh. So now it is the first thing I do…as the door opens I bolt out to get that turkey whether it is there or not! I run around a little and then sniff a little. I don’t usually run again until Mom says ‘Mandy Come…Mandy Come…Mandy Treat (I know if I wait until the third time she will use ‘treat’ as a bribe…and Mom never lies to me so I know there will be a treat).Smile  If she wants me right away in a hurry she just says ‘Mandy Treat’ and I am there in a shot!  So I have trained her pretty well I think.

Well I just wanted to let everyone know I am still very well, happy and just as sassy as those two kitties that still live here – Fidget and Lemme. ’Mom, Lemme is on the counter again!’ I’ll show those two cats who the boss is around here….’Get ‘em Mom!’

Yours furever,


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