Our RV

The RV we currently have is a 2016 Newmar Ventana Diesel pusher. Purchased it a year ago and love it.


There are two more slides on the side below that are not open.

IMG_20170322_184346122 (003)

A full slide going down the entire side on the driver’s side.

IMG_20170322_184402367 (003)


This is the inside with only one side of slides out. When we extend both sides it is even wider which is pretty nice. In the photo below we are getting set up to travel so things are sitting in position for moving. I will have to add photos later with all slides extended and the furniture set in place to show how it looks when we are actually staying in it. Right now we are packed up and loading it for spending some time in it. When we pull all the sides in there is not a lot of room to walk in it though we can down until the area where the fridge is – it is about one person wide when closed.