Today On the Mississippi

Sunny and hot today, rain this afternoon.

So big news for us is that our neighbors are gone.  Two of them on the right side of the camper (facing the river).  That is the thing about folks with RVs on wheels, they come and go as they please.  We do the same thing sometimes.  Our neighbors will probably be gone for a few weeks…or a month. Don’t know, but they will be back.

Meanwhile we have a lot of open space….yesss!!!!



Looking out the door of the camper (below).


Lots of action on the river in the last day or so:IMG_20180812_121056869_HDR.jpg

Our geese buddies are of course here.






And then also last night after 11pm:IMG_20180813_232108314.jpg

We have been here over 3 months and this is the first time I’ve seen a boat coming up the river so late at night. I couldn’t see the boat much – just the lights, so I don’t know what was going on.  Perhaps some night fishing?  The boat was traveling very slowly, which is probably a good idea when you are going upriver in the middle of the night when it is pitch black outside.  Weird.


Mandy: Did I just hear the word ‘treat’?? You have my full attention, Mom.  Now hand it over!

Happy Tuesday!

House – Aug. 13

A lot has happened on the house over the last couple of days. I didn’t post yesterday, just too darn busy.  But now we have our lender set up after shopping for a while, so hopefully we are good to go there! We are within the 60 day lock period and have gotten locked for our rate as well.  So now that we have locked in our rates, everyone else can breath easy that the rates will probably drop. 😉

So I will start with the outside of our house.


The siding is nearly finished.  In fact, it might be done today.


They poured the patio in the back.  It is supposed to be 12×12 but that looks so small to me.  I am going to measure it tonight. To me the squares look 4X4 instead of 6X6.   Anyway, I didn’t stand on it because it was wet.  I will get a better look today. I think we have 3 ft wide doors (but then I’m really bad at this…) but if the door is 3ft wide, I don’t see how that square of concrete is 6 feet wide.  Just sayin’.  I know Bruce is telling me otherwise, but I did in Missouri for a little while and developed that ‘show me state’ attitude. 🙂

Now inside the house.IMG_20180813_181938938_HDR.jpg

Photo: Kitchen to Sunroom

The inside is all not only has all the sheet-rock up, but is now also has the mud and taping done.  At least the first round.  Boy is it messy in there right now.


Photo: Living Room Fireplace


Photo: Dining room into Kitchen Pantry.