Today On The Mississippi 8.23


The sun is peeking out this morning. Cool start but warming up quickly. Sunny this morning, but it is supposed to change…maybe rain later today? We need it.




Mandy: It’s bright out today! And Mom is doing that ‘Shadow’ thing again.


Nice shadow, Mandy! 🙂


Mandy: My bed is better as a pillow.

Happy Thursday!

House – Aug. 22

Yesterday there was still a lot going on.


We have house numbers!


First coat of paint has been applied. Fireplace still drying.


They were scraping the ‘globs’ of drywall mud and whatever else, off of the floor in prepping for laying our flooring.


Porch form, not yet pored.  AND if you look at the house proper you will see it is prepped for the stone on the front. That is the black ‘sheeting’ under the windows. We will have brick on the front.

exterior of new house..jpg

Brick that will be on the outside of the house is at the bottom of the photo above.




The incorrect tile was removed.


New tile was delivered.

Also, when we went over in the evening, they were putting up the new tile, shown above, in the shower. So that should be finished today.  The tile contractors were glad we’d caught it early.

I didn’t take a photo, but dirt had also been moved around again, looked like they were setting things up for the sprinkler system.