Today On The Mississppi – Aug. 29

Nice Day!! Sun is up and you can see it! Cooler today, Mandy and I love that. No rain until perhaps later in the afternoon.


Sun is coming up and there is a good deal of river fog. Really cooled down last night into the 50s.  It is still only 58 outside.  And for the FIRST time since we have been here by the river…which is since May 19th….the camper has dropped below 70 degrees inside.  Our camper retains heat very well.  No air conditioning now and it is currently 66 degrees inside. Love that too.



Just a couple of shots of the misty fog on the river.

Mandy 8.29.18.jpg

Mandy: Mom, attention PLEASE!  I need to take you outside…could be a good shadow day. Stop typing!!!

Good Wednesday!


House – Aug. 29

Even though it was a gloomy, rainy day things were still going on at the house. I went in the afternoon around 1pm and the rain had stopped. Nice and muddy out there. But where they had readied the driveway was still pretty good to walk on.IMG_20180828_134814636_HDR.jpg

Brick on the front was finally installed. Though looking at it in the afternoon made me a little nervous.IMG_20180828_135916267.jpg

What a mess it was! So sloppy and gross looking.


Yet I was still thinking…well I hope they aren’t done with it.

We weren’t going to go back in the evening because they said they were going to start locking it.  But the brick was bugging me so much that I decided we had to go and see if it was fixed. Otherwise I’d be talking to someone about it.


Much better!!! Though it is still wet and will dry lighter, like the fireplace did.


It is a process I guess. I was thinking these guys knew what they were doing, still I was relieved to see it wasn’t being left a mess.


Above you see the kitchen, however, this is the guy who does the tile and the brick. Nice guys. This is one of the guys I talked to about them putting in the wrong shower tile.  I think he was thinking it was the ‘customer’s’ mistake when I was telling him.  But the next day found out it wasn’t, he was very good about redoing the tile that he had to removed and replace with the right stuff. He even said he liked it much better. 🙂


I think the shower is really nice.  I will get better photos when I can, but tile folks were in there so I didn’t want to bother them. When we go back in the evening it has been too dark to get proper photos. Mostly because of the lack of sunny days, but the length of daylight is lessening as the the days go by, bringing us into Fall.

It should be pretty soon that they get the floor in and then the lighting.  Counter tops should be coming soon as well.

Speaking of counter tops….:)


This is the main bathroom to be used by our ‘guests’ mostly. Cabinet in there.

Interior colors.jpg

The counter SHOULD be the light marble located in the lower left-hand corner of the photo. (for the main bath)

For the master bath the counter should be the one shown above the sample for the main bath – it is a little darker marble.master bath.jpg

This is the cabinet in the master bath. That’s the guy working on the shower in there…still working.


Above is the cabinet in the laundry room. No counter top yet either. Of course the hardware isn’t on the cabinets, but the boxes of hardware is there.  So those will probably go on pretty soon as well.


Also regarding the kitchen, I believe you can see the support for the quartz counter top too.  On the photo of the interior colors – you can see the quartz counter top is the on the right bottom of the photo.  It actually has tiny flecks of green …here and there.. you can’t see them in the photo.  Chances are they will be hard to spot in the top when it is on the cabinets too.  So…..

Also, want to show this… I mentioned it yesterday but didn’t have a photo:


This is our patio in the back of the house.  The rain was heavy and washed out a lot of soil under it. I am hoping there is a way for them to push it back under. My thought is that sometime down the road it will crack because there is no longer any ‘ground support’ under part of it.  I haven’t said anything to the builder though because not all of ‘us’ agree that it could be an issue. Ahem….


But Mandy and I are concerned about the erosion.  Perhaps they will fix it up when it comes to them putting in the sod.  Which also will probably happen in the next 3 weeks or so.