Today On The Mississppi – Aug. 29

Nice Day!! Sun is up and you can see it! Cooler today, Mandy and I love that. No rain until perhaps later in the afternoon.


Sun is coming up and there is a good deal of river fog. Really cooled down last night into the 50s.  It is still only 58 outside.  And for the FIRST time since we have been here by the river…which is since May 19th….the camper has dropped below 70 degrees inside.  Our camper retains heat very well.  No air conditioning now and it is currently 66 degrees inside. Love that too.



Just a couple of shots of the misty fog on the river.

Mandy 8.29.18.jpg

Mandy: Mom, attention PLEASE!  I need to take you outside…could be a good shadow day. Stop typing!!!

Good Wednesday!


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