House – Aug. 30

The Bricks looked better when I went out.IMG_20180829_125707028.jpgIMG_20180829_125724478.jpg

Better don’t you think?


Also they were tearing the curb up, drilling into it when I was out there yesterday afternoon. And the rolling bin was still sitting in our front yard.


Not totally sure what they are doing there with the curb…I thought maybe putting in drainage because they were doing it up and down the road.  But also was told it could be them getting ready for putting in the utilities, though there are others on that road living already.  Probably gas and such…. ??

Doors were locked so couldn’t go in. It was pretty muddy so I didn’t walk around and look in the windows.  They are all on the ground floor, so pretty easy to do that. We are going to be going out of town for nearly two weeks so it will be pretty interesting to see what all has happened when we get back.

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