Today On The Mississippi

Sunny and humid today…hot!


(Above is our RV for the sake of having a photo.)

Been very busy today screening different lenders for our house that is being built.  I’ve been on the phone and computer all day long. We have a closing date now and as you can see from my other posts, the house is coming along.  SOOO I really don’t have any decent photos to post. There was a big Egret sitting on the bank and I tried sneaking out to take a photo. Shut the door to the camper and, believe it or not, scared it off. (again…I need to hone my sneaking skills.) All I got was a photo of a white blur. Not suitable for sharing.  Yes, even worse than my duck photos.

Mandy 8.10.28.jpg

Mandy: Sometimes it pays to ‘watch your own back’ – especially when Mom gets focused on something other than me! I try to tell her that’s not right, but occasionally she still thinks about something else.  Focus, Mom…Focus! Mandy, Mandy, Mandy!!!

Happy Friday and an even better weekend!!!

House – Aug. 9


The house is coming along nicely. They started the siding.  They have also gotten all of the sheet rock in.


Below is looking into the kitchen. There will be an island and right now you can see where the pantry is.


Below living room with fireplace in the corner.


Below is looking into the sun room.


Things move quickly at this point. No doubt it will slow down once they start having the trades in to do all of their jobs.