Today On The Mississippi

Sunny and humid today…hot!


(Above is our RV for the sake of having a photo.)

Been very busy today screening different lenders for our house that is being built.  I’ve been on the phone and computer all day long. We have a closing date now and as you can see from my other posts, the house is coming along.  SOOO I really don’t have any decent photos to post. There was a big Egret sitting on the bank and I tried sneaking out to take a photo. Shut the door to the camper and, believe it or not, scared it off. (again…I need to hone my sneaking skills.) All I got was a photo of a white blur. Not suitable for sharing.  Yes, even worse than my duck photos.

Mandy 8.10.28.jpg

Mandy: Sometimes it pays to ‘watch your own back’ – especially when Mom gets focused on something other than me! I try to tell her that’s not right, but occasionally she still thinks about something else.  Focus, Mom…Focus! Mandy, Mandy, Mandy!!!

Happy Friday and an even better weekend!!!

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