Today On The Mississippi

Hot, sunny and HUMID today.IMG_20180806_154259889_HDR.jpg

Mandy: It is definitely a tongue hanging, panting day!

Sunrise was interesting today. Not all pinks and purples, but more of just a red ball rising.  I was trying to figure out how to get a good photo of it, since my camera is actually in storage and I am having to take all the photos with my cell phone camera – though a pretty good one, not the best for trying to get some of these shots. Also a problem for my ‘duck’ photos.


Not the best for showing the ‘sun’. (above)


Miss. 8.9.18.jpg

I shot this one through a screen…yes, like a screen on a window and that allowed me to get the sun…though the sun was actually a red ball – not yellow.  Or at least so it appeared to the naked eye. Every other way I did it, you could not even see the sun.

Miss. duck on log 8.9.18.jpg

Of course, I can’t forget about that duck….out sitting on the log in the river’s cove. Mandy and I kept getting closer, trying to get a better photo, but we are going to hone our sneaking talents because it took off again before I could get close enough to not have to use the ‘zoom’ function.  (The telephoto function on my phone blurs things a bit.) Wonder where all the rest of them have gone.

Mandy 8.9.18.jpg

Mandy: Enough about that goofy duck already, Mom, Jeez!  It’s hot and I am leaving.

Good Thursday!

House – Aug. 8

The siding has been there for a week, sitting outside. They were supposed to get that up this week, but no action as of last night.  You can see in this photo that there is a house between our’s and the one that has siding.  Now that house is framed and nearly at the point where our house is at on the outside.


siding2 8.3.18.jpg

However, they are all ready to do the sheet rocking on the inside.


Plastic, sheet rock and supplies for sheet rocking all around the place.


The house is also fully insulated now. (under plastic)


Foam insulation is actually now under the plastic – the photo below was taken earlier – before the plastic was put up to rock over.


Areas on the floor painted to keep track of where light and fan fixtures are.


The photo above is the dining area between the sun room and kitchen island.

Back of living room gas fireplace, before ready for sheet rock below.


We are supposed to have all lever door handles throughout the house. Below is the front door.IMG_20180808_174243540_HDR.jpg

It was an upgrade to get levers, so we are paying extra for them. However, this is what we found on the garage and door to the patio….


Round doorknobs, so that will need to be corrected before closing on the house.  So far we have been trying to catch things as they go along so the punch sheet before closing won’t be quite so long.  The brown part of the door is packing to protect the door.

The house is coming along nicely – so far we are very pleased with how things are going and the attention being given to the things we ask about.