Today On The Mississippi

Hot, sunny and HUMID today.IMG_20180806_154259889_HDR.jpg

Mandy: It is definitely a tongue hanging, panting day!

Sunrise was interesting today. Not all pinks and purples, but more of just a red ball rising.  I was trying to figure out how to get a good photo of it, since my camera is actually in storage and I am having to take all the photos with my cell phone camera – though a pretty good one, not the best for trying to get some of these shots. Also a problem for my ‘duck’ photos.


Not the best for showing the ‘sun’. (above)


Miss. 8.9.18.jpg

I shot this one through a screen…yes, like a screen on a window and that allowed me to get the sun…though the sun was actually a red ball – not yellow.  Or at least so it appeared to the naked eye. Every other way I did it, you could not even see the sun.

Miss. duck on log 8.9.18.jpg

Of course, I can’t forget about that duck….out sitting on the log in the river’s cove. Mandy and I kept getting closer, trying to get a better photo, but we are going to hone our sneaking talents because it took off again before I could get close enough to not have to use the ‘zoom’ function.  (The telephoto function on my phone blurs things a bit.) Wonder where all the rest of them have gone.

Mandy 8.9.18.jpg

Mandy: Enough about that goofy duck already, Mom, Jeez!  It’s hot and I am leaving.

Good Thursday!

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