Today On The Mississippi

mandy 8.3.18.jpg

Mandy: Hi there! We had a quick but interesting walk today. Quick because it was about to storm and the weather folks had a thunderstorm warning out for our area. So Mom took some photos of the sky and you can see the storm coming in.  We could hear the thunder while we walked but it wasn’t raining. Matter of fact, it never really hit us so we got just a bit of a sprinkle. It broke up right over us, so we were lucky to not get hit by it.

Miss3 8.3.18.jpg

The clouds were rather dramatic with the blue skies showing through occasionally.

Miss 8.3.18.jpg

It was getting pretty dark, you could see it coming.

Miss2 8.3.18.jpg

In the end, not a lot to get excited about.

So the other day Mandy and I showed you this yard: (see below)IMG_20180730_161729857.jpg

They are the ones that have the fake fire roasting the plastic pink flamingo.

Then all of the sudden yesterday afternoon Mandy and I saw this:miss8 8.3.18.jpg

Someone had put plastic flamingos of every size and color in their yard. So funny! I couldn’t even get all of them in the photo.

Hope you have a Fabulous Friday!

House – August 2

A lot of things still happening with the house right now. Went out to see it yesterday evening.


The venting is in, electrical in. In the photo above you can see two white squares in the ceiling rafters. One is for the light over the dining table, the other – on the left side of the photo – you can see one for a ceiling fan.  There is another that needs to go in the Sun Room, that one isn’t there yet.  But there is another one like what is being shown up in the Master bedroom. So I have contacted the builder to ask about the missing ceiling fan receptacle.


Fireplace is in.


Tub in Main Bathroom is in.


Doors are on and window over door is in.  Hey – view from front door! That’s my car, but not my outhouse. 😉