Today On The Mississippi

Sunny, not quite as hot, a little less humid. Temp today will be in low 80’s.

Sunrise today below:Today on Miss 8.15.18.jpg

Mandy: Have I ever showed you my patio?  Here is me on my patio.


We use connected expens as a fence. But Mandy is never left out in it for more than a minute or two while we transfer items from outside to inside the camper.  I am always worried she will get loose, even though she never exhibits any signs of wanting to escape. Ya’ just never know, so better safe than sorry.  She is always on a regular leather lead attached to a humane choke. Her tags are kept on the collar she has on all the time. So she is living a double collar life. 😉


Mandy: Yep, see this is my lead…just an everyday ordinary leather lead. I keep telling Mom how lucky she is I walk so well all of the time. But she just never lets me off of it when we are out.  Hey…is that a bunny over there….???



Mandy: Go get it Mom! I’m going inside where it is cool, so let me know how that works out.

Mandy 8.15.18.jpg

Mandy: Heh-Heh….well why do it yourself when you have someone else do it for you, right?

Happy Day!



House – Aug. 14

It’s getting there.


I’m thinking they will most likely finish the siding this week. They are getting it done, but it is a slow process.


I did measure the patio just to be sure. 🙂  It’s right. AND I will say it looks bigger when you are actually standing on it.


Above is the front door. Nothing else was done in the house when I went yesterday evening. They have things open to let the walls and ceiling dry before they start sanding the walls and prepping for painting.

The patio is the only concrete poured so far, there is the front porch, garage floor and sidewalk still to go. We are now within 60 days of closing.