House – Aug. 24

Well, updates on the house will be limited now, as we are locked out.  The house has gotten far enough along that they now have lock boxes on the house and we have to  request entry and wait for someone to let us in.  I hate to bug folks all of the time to come let us in, so I probably won’t be able to go inside everyday to see what’s new.  I will probably still go over mid-day and if it is open with people working, I will go in.  But once the works are gone the house is locked up again and so our evening visits will probably be pretty few and far in between.

A lot has happened with the house, last time we were there.IMG_20180824_171321878.jpg

The kitchen is really starting to take shape.  Floor isn’t in yet, but is coming this week I am betting.IMG_20180824_171319791.jpg

They still have a lot to do of course besides the floor.  The moldings…wood work, has to be installed, another coat of paint will be applied once they have finished doing all the work that messes up the walls.  That’s the front door that is down the hall to the right of the photo.


The tile in our shower has been completed.  This is just part of the shower area.  It is large with a drying area…so no shower curtain is needed.  Cool…I hope – never had a large shower like this one before.  Then the part you are looking ‘through’ where the tape is, will actually be a large glass panel that doesn’t open.  I think it will be frosted glass? You would think we’d know for sure huh? 🙂


The doors are all hung. This is going into the guest bedroom…which was once going to be the office, but then was decided to have the office in the guest bedroom and the guest bedroom in the office. Mostly because we can then have a crib and/or Futon in the office too, as the room is a little bigger. So when children and grandchildren come they will be closer together and have their own spaces.  Also, because the office will then be in the very front of the house, having more windows and will just be a room that will be used more. Of course, any of this could again change once we actually move in.


We ordered our washer and dryer over the weekend.  They will be a slate color.  I got smaller ones because I had some really fancy new ones before we sold our old house and I struggled with using them they were so large…and I am kind of short.  So I would have to get on a stool to be able to reach the bottom of the washer, or hang over the top with my feet off the ground to grab the stuff on the bottom.  I decided we just didn’t need a washer that big anymore. So…. when shopping I went with a smaller washer in mind.  We shopped now because the sales are on, and we will be traveling over Labor Day…for a little while.  They were fine with delivering them the day after we close in October.

We are also shopping for window shades and I have to get over there this week to have them measure, before we leave our camping spot here for a little while.  So I will see what I can do about that…I will have to call folks to set something up by Thursday.  Then we have two weeks after that to get in on the window treatment sale after that. We should be back by then and I will get in and work with someone there.  Everything is on the main floor now, so unlike our other house that was two stories and in the woods, we will need shades as soon as we can get them up.

Also, last week, I got our insurance for the house set up. The lender was requesting information on that.  All of our information requested was sent into the lender.  We should be pretty ready to rock when the time comes!  AND we got a place reserved to store our camper as now we cannot store it at our house.  So that was kind of a relief!

Sorry I am talking so much here… but just bringing it all up to date.




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