Today On The Mississippi

Ugh…so yucky outside.  Today is overcast, humid and HOT.


Above is one side of the river’s cove.


Above is the other side.


That is a robin standing by the cove, small and hard to see. If you think it looks kind of ‘swampy’, yes…the cove is not real attractive right now.  It has been hot and though storms pass close to us, the rain just does not come.  So the river is not moving as swiftly and the water in the cove is getting lower and lower.  The ‘muck’ isn’t really moving out because of the lack of water stimulation. People here are watering their lots.  The river is so calm and moving so slowly that you really have to look carefully to see it is still moving (as rivers do).

mandy 8.3.18.jpg

Mandy: Boy, am I crabby today, doesn’t matter if it IS Friday…it is not a good walking day and I think a fly bit my butt when we were outside.  THEN Mom made me stay in the grass for a little bit, when I wanted to be on the road, because of a car coming by. Since they go only 5 mph here and stop to talk to everyone, it took forever to go by…..and I am SO mad at her right now for making me stay when I didn’t want to. Not a good shadow day either and I am going to stay INSIDE!

Mom: Oh…so YOU’RE mad huh? You didn’t exactly make me happy.   I’m thinking maybe you are being spoiled a little too much.

Mandy: Mom, you canNOT spoil me too much…that’s not even a THING.  🙂

Have a Fantastic Friday.

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