House – Aug.19

Big thing  last time we were out at the house is that they have done the knockdown ceilings. They aren’t all the way dry so it looks more spotted with dark and light.


Sun room above.


Master bedroom above.


Kitchen area, you can see they have fans pointing at the ceilings.  They are at the point where they will be going in (once it is all dry) and sanding down the walls to give them their first coat of paint.  That could happen this week.

So still moving along – though it may slow down some now as we get to all of the interior work. Most of the exterior work is done, some dowels need to be painted outside over the garage, of course pouring concrete for the front porch and sidewalk.  Getting the driveway in, pouring the garage floor…sprinkler system and sod…  So I guess there is a lot to be done outside – but not on the house proper.  They will need to put in the lights as well outside too…finish the electrical.  They also gouged the foundation a little with some of the heavy equipment. So we will be making sure they ‘fix’ that before we close on the house.

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