House – Aug. 28

Was over at the house yesterday around noon. Just before the storms came through. It is pretty tough to get down that street right now.


They are prepping the driveway for asphalt. You can see how dark the sky is getting.


Still no porch poured.

I finally found a little place to park to walk up to the house and look inside to see what was going on.


I didn’t go in any further than just standing in the door. I saw the cabinets were being worked on in the kitchen.  Could be they are also being worked on in the bathroom…but the person had their tools strung out across the area and was on a ladder working on the cabinet. So I just left, didn’t want to get in their way or cause them problems.

We drove by when the rain let up some after dinner.  They did not pour any concrete or do the driveway.  We did notice that the soil is running out from underneath the patio in the back due to the fact that there has been a lot of rain the last couple of days, and there is no sod down yet to hold the soil in place.  So we will need them to fix that before laying the sod.  I should have taken a photo, but didn’t we were on the road behind our house, so I didn’t. When I get over there again (which probably won’t be today because it will be too muddy to walk to the back) I will take a photo of that.

No floor in yet either.  That will probably come after they are done with the mill work.




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