Today On The Mississippi

Miss 8.7.18.jpg

Sunrise was beautiful. It is a shame the camera just doesn’t do it justice.  The pinks and purples are washed out. But you can see the reflection in the river’s cove pretty accurately.

Miss photo tree 8.7.18.jpg

This tree is interesting because it seems everyone gets their photo taken in it. If you look at the photo below you will see it is kind of unique.

Miss photo tree2 8.7.18.jpg

It has quite the ‘lean’ to it so it makes it easy for families to stand ‘in/on’ the tree.

Miss deer 8.7.18.jpg

Deer across the river…too far for my camera to capture decently, but they walk around on the far river bank all the time.

Miss Road out 8.7.18.jpg

Mandy: And THIS is the road out of here and part of my walking route a few times a day.

Mandy 8.7.18.jpg

Mandy: Say, does this photo make my nose look too big?

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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