House Aug. 23rd

Lots going on at the house when we were there last night.IMG_20180823_192323766_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg

A pile of cabinets came. They go all over the house not just the kitchen.  It was a surprise to see them!

The Stone for the front of our house has arrived.  So the rest of the brickwork should be done soon.  BUT it really poured a lot of the day today, so I’m thinking the porch still has not been poured, nor the brickwork done.  I didn’t go over at noon like I normally do, but we will get over there this evening to see what’s going on.


Our doors arrived.


The interior trims have arrived.


And the wall tile of our shower was in, no floor and it still needs to be grouted. I supposed that may have happened today…it is all inside.

So just a bit of what is going on.  I would imagine we should be seeing the flooring over there pretty soon too.

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