House – Aug. 21

When I went over yesterday afternoon it was SO busy by the house that I didn’t even get out of the car. Seemed like all the trades were there working.All trades were there 8.21.2018.jpg

I couldn’t even get down the street to the house from this direction, so I went around and came in the other way.

They were laying sod at other houses, but not ours yet.IMG_20180821_114703487_HDR.jpg

Just quite the mess there right now. Our house is the one that still has the rolling blue dumpster sitting in front of it.


They had begun pouring our garage floor and had the form in to pour our front porch.


We went back in the evening and the garage floor had been finished. But no porch yet.IMG_20180820_174238946.jpg

Inside the house, below.

They had sanded the walls and begun doing things inside:IMG_20180821_181445016.jpg

Put brick around the fireplace. It looks pretty dark because they had just finished it and hopefully it will lighten up between the bricks some when it is dry.

This is a photo of what was picked:


Unfortunately in the master bathroom we found the wrong tile being installed.


This is a dark brown tile. We chose a light gray tile. (see below – it is the tile at the top of the photo.)

Interior colors.jpg

So I have contacted the builder, and the design center person about correcting that. Glad that I found it before it was completed. So far it is only in that one area. I mentioned to the tile guys while I was there, that they should probably not put up the rest of the tile they have. So hopefully the communication and photos will make the rounds before they get back out there and continue putting in the tile in that bathroom. Looks like it was a typo on the ‘order’ form made by the person at the design center.  Should be AD03, and AD02 was what she ordered.

It will be interesting to see what all happens today.  I hope they correct the tile.

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