House – August 2

A lot of things still happening with the house right now. Went out to see it yesterday evening.


The venting is in, electrical in. In the photo above you can see two white squares in the ceiling rafters. One is for the light over the dining table, the other – on the left side of the photo – you can see one for a ceiling fan.  There is another that needs to go in the Sun Room, that one isn’t there yet.  But there is another one like what is being shown up in the Master bedroom. So I have contacted the builder to ask about the missing ceiling fan receptacle.


Fireplace is in.


Tub in Main Bathroom is in.


Doors are on and window over door is in.  Hey – view from front door! That’s my car, but not my outhouse. 😉

Today On The Mississippi

Gloomy day, cool this morning. Says 56 degrees on the thermometer right now.  It will warm up into the 70’s, but it is pretty gray out right now.


Mandy: It feels like a Monday today, but it’s Thursday. Sigh….need sun!

Miss 8.2.18.jpg

Gray skies and breezy. You can see the dog on the bike in the lower portion of the photo – the bike’s wheel are spinning pretty fast – so the spokes look blurred.  Since it is 56 degrees outside right now, it feels cooler due to the wind.

Tough to see in the photo, taken by my phone across the river – two deer walking along the far river bank.

Miss2 8.1.2018.jpg

There are also white spots flowing along in the river. We have seen this before, sometimes larger. Usually seen in the morning, not in the afternoon.  I am going to have to get a pair of binoculars.  Don’t know what that is, but we are thinking it might be foam?? Maybe due to the wind.  I found this when I was looking for answers:

• Wind direction or turbulence: Natural foam
occurrences on the beach coincide with onshore
winds. Often, windrows of foam can be found along
a shoreline and streaks of foam may form on open
waters during windy days. Natural occurrences in
rivers can be found downstream of a turbulent site.

Not sure what it is, of course, but one of these days I will get a better look at it.

Have a Thrilling Thursday!



Today On The Mississippi

Mandy's shadow 8.1.18.jpg

Mandy: Okay, so Mom said I have a great shadow. What do you guys think? She is so weird but as you can see I *did* manage to sneak my nose into the photo. Anyway, on to some of the gardens and other scenes around the river here where we are living right now.

Golfcart 8.1.jpg

Of course, as mentioned yesterday, there is always a golf cart or two in view.

Miss1 8.1.2018.jpg

It is sunny, warm and very, very humid out right now. It didn’t start out sunny, it was really raining this morning with thunder, so a little bit of a storm passed through.

Blue bird house 8.1.18.jpg

The Bluebird house above is actually inhabited by Bluebirds!

garden 8.1.18.jpg

This is one of the well cared for gardens I was mentioning yesterday. Some really beautiful lots out here, especially those right on the river.

garden2 8.1.18.jpg

The one below usually has a big Class A RV sitting there, but they have taken off on some sort of trip.

garden3 8.1.18.jpg

Always just beautifully kept up though.  You can see a big wooden piece in the front. That is stairs with a big handrail.  That goes up next to the RV’s door to create a nice little pouch. They push it away when the leave to go somewhere else. You can see their shed, lawn furniture and beautiful bushes are awaiting their return.

Canoers 8.1.18.jpg

We had some folks take off from the cove here on a fully loaded down canoe for a trip down the Mississippi River.  Looks like fun, I hope they have safe travels!

It’s looking a bit gray outside again, the river looks like it is running pretty fast, must be due to the rain. We will probably be getting more rain.

Have a Wild Wet Wednesday!

House – Aug. 1, 2018

So this will actually be photos from yesterday evening, however, today we went for the Electrical Walk-through, but I didn’t really take photos.  We added quite a few changes today, which is what the meeting was for. Now, in about a week’s time, they should be able to tell us when we will be closing and moving into the house.


Just getting Mandy’s ‘paw of approval’. She likes going with us when we go. I am always afraid she will cut her paw on something, so when I am not walking her…I kind of scout for where she is putting her feet regardless.  Let’s just say I ‘mention’ it a lot. 🙂


You can see the duct work is pretty well done, a lot of the electrical was in, and they were working on that still this morning.




Air exchanger. (or whatever that is called). Gas lines…. so on and so forth.  It is all really starting to take shape.