Today On The Mississippi

Gloomy day, cool this morning. Says 56 degrees on the thermometer right now.  It will warm up into the 70’s, but it is pretty gray out right now.


Mandy: It feels like a Monday today, but it’s Thursday. Sigh….need sun!

Miss 8.2.18.jpg

Gray skies and breezy. You can see the dog on the bike in the lower portion of the photo – the bike’s wheel are spinning pretty fast – so the spokes look blurred.  Since it is 56 degrees outside right now, it feels cooler due to the wind.

Tough to see in the photo, taken by my phone across the river – two deer walking along the far river bank.

Miss2 8.1.2018.jpg

There are also white spots flowing along in the river. We have seen this before, sometimes larger. Usually seen in the morning, not in the afternoon.  I am going to have to get a pair of binoculars.  Don’t know what that is, but we are thinking it might be foam?? Maybe due to the wind.  I found this when I was looking for answers:

• Wind direction or turbulence: Natural foam
occurrences on the beach coincide with onshore
winds. Often, windrows of foam can be found along
a shoreline and streaks of foam may form on open
waters during windy days. Natural occurrences in
rivers can be found downstream of a turbulent site.

Not sure what it is, of course, but one of these days I will get a better look at it.

Have a Thrilling Thursday!



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