Today On The Mississippi

Mandy's shadow 8.1.18.jpg

Mandy: Okay, so Mom said I have a great shadow. What do you guys think? She is so weird but as you can see I *did* manage to sneak my nose into the photo. Anyway, on to some of the gardens and other scenes around the river here where we are living right now.

Golfcart 8.1.jpg

Of course, as mentioned yesterday, there is always a golf cart or two in view.

Miss1 8.1.2018.jpg

It is sunny, warm and very, very humid out right now. It didn’t start out sunny, it was really raining this morning with thunder, so a little bit of a storm passed through.

Blue bird house 8.1.18.jpg

The Bluebird house above is actually inhabited by Bluebirds!

garden 8.1.18.jpg

This is one of the well cared for gardens I was mentioning yesterday. Some really beautiful lots out here, especially those right on the river.

garden2 8.1.18.jpg

The one below usually has a big Class A RV sitting there, but they have taken off on some sort of trip.

garden3 8.1.18.jpg

Always just beautifully kept up though.  You can see a big wooden piece in the front. That is stairs with a big handrail.  That goes up next to the RV’s door to create a nice little pouch. They push it away when the leave to go somewhere else. You can see their shed, lawn furniture and beautiful bushes are awaiting their return.

Canoers 8.1.18.jpg

We had some folks take off from the cove here on a fully loaded down canoe for a trip down the Mississippi River.  Looks like fun, I hope they have safe travels!

It’s looking a bit gray outside again, the river looks like it is running pretty fast, must be due to the rain. We will probably be getting more rain.

Have a Wild Wet Wednesday!

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