Update – July 29, 2019

Some great ‘sky’ photos as we have been having some dramatic weather around here.


But first today’s sunrise.


Yep it is peaking out. Supposed to be a nice one today.  About time because we have had some ugly weather going through the area lately.

But let’s look back a little first:

Sunrise last Wednesday, July 24th.


The misty farmer’s field with the sun in the process of peaking out.


Sun is still working on waking up the world.


There it is!

Now Sunrise Thursday, July 25th:

Very dramatic!



Then the weekend brought some awful ‘stuff’ our way.

Friday, July 26th…whoa..


We had gone to the Burning Brothers Tap room – gluten free beer and food after work.  There for maybe an hour or two. Left to come home around 7 pm and wished we’d left a half an hour sooner.


Of course we were in the car, so you see reflections in the photos.


The skies were decked out with some pretty impressive clouds.


Then the rain began and quickly we were in a pocket of very severe weather:


And hail – the sky where it looks ‘yellowish’ well should look more green.


Traffic STOPPED and we hid under a bridge, nothing was going by us as it was raining and hailing SO hard, not only could you not see, but you were concerned for your car.


Photo taken under bridge as we waited for it to slow down a little. Something that hasn’t happened to us very often, bad enough to ‘hide out’ from the storm while on the road.

Then it slowed down and we decided to make a break for it.  Thought it had passed but about 10 minutes from home we saw this again.


Yep, about 5 minutes from home we were hunting for someplace to hide again…we found a person’s driveway under some trees (maybe not the safest place to park in a storm) it provided some shelter from the hail. We seemed to escape damage as far as we were concerned.  And at this point it was not so windy, but just slamming rain and hail.

We got home okay, but you could see neighbor’s planters rolling around all tipped over. We have 3 colorful metal flower ornaments in the front of our house, the biggest one was tipped over, busted…oh well. Considering, not much really was hurt in our neighborhood (that I am aware of).

But then around 9:30 pm…it all fired up again.

20190726_214159.jpg Yep…those are some large storm clouds, but the most of it stayed just North of us.  I took some video of the sky later as the thunder and lightening continued to be *very* present. It looked like the trees were having a strobe light show.  Was pretty cool to watch, but I am betting not so fun for the folks who were in the storm zone.

Saturday we met with the kids and had some Mexican food, then on to their house for some gaming and visiting.  Home for the evening after that.

Then Sunday – – no photos, but some very bad storms passed through in the afternoon into the evening.  We ran out for errands and ended up in a rain storm again, not as bad as on Friday.  When we got home from everything, about an hour later another storm just pounded us. We didn’t have a tornado in our neighborhood, but there were several around where we live. Not really close, but in the vicinity.


Lemme: It’s all behind us now, everyone should just chill. Besides, not a drop of rain of ever touched me.


Mandy: And *I* just want to mention…*I* have the fuzzy pink bone! (Get your own, Fidge-cat).

Happy Monday!

Something Different – July 12, 2019


This morning’s sunrise.

So yesterday was our wedding anniversary, so after work we went out to dinner. That was nice. 44 years!!!

And for some reason Mandy disappeared from all her usual snoozing places. I was all…Mandy where are you?? Then I saw this:


What ya’ doing there Mandy?


Are you okay?




Mandy: Just chillin’!

Okay, well she has never laid there before, but whatever makes her happy!

Happy Friday!

July 4th And Then Some – July 10, 2019


Sunrise this morning.


Moisture on the outside shows the high humidity this morning. By the look of our security cameras over night, we had some sort of a shower, some driving rain. Missed it though I was awake.  No lightening or thunder though.

It’s been a few days since I last posted as we were up by the North Shore in Two Harbors over the 4th of July holiday and the weekend.

Gonna’ be a long post – lots of photos to catch up.

Let’s start with some sunrise photos of the last few days.

Monday’s sunrise:


Tuesday’s sunrise:


And now we are going back to our 4th of July Camping trip up in Two Harbors, MN.

We generally camp at Burlington Bay campgrounds, but don’t stick around the campground much. Normally we spend a day in Duluth, but didn’t this time because of looking for land the kids wanted to buy to keep their camper on.  Spent all day, one day, going from one piece of undeveloped land to another.  What they decided is not to go that route.


While at the campground, there was some wood chopping for the fire.

The kids decided to cook their lunch over the fire:


We also stopped by Black Sand Beach:


Hiked at Tettegouche State Park. Had dinner at the Rustic Inn, which is one of our favorite places to go.

Also stopped at Betty’s Pies, a first for me. Probably the last time as well.

We go out to the beach to collect sea glass right off of the Burlington Bay campground. It was pretty foggy most mornings.


So beautiful.


One of the strangest things we saw at the campground was:


Yes, that is a beautifully restored hearse. Filled with folks, dog and all, camping???

We also went further up north, love this place, to Grand Marais. We looked at a new possible place to park our RVs while up that way, it has a 6 year waiting list.  They also have some first come – first serve, spots that you cannot reserve. Not sure we want to drive that far only to find out none of those are left.  Thinking about it. 😉

While in Grand Marais ate at a nice little place we enjoy eating at when we are up there called:


They do pretty well with the Gluten Free food items. Food is pretty good, prices not awful and there is generally a decent line for the restrooms – as you can see.


Normally, we sit outside, but today we sat inside for the first time.




Pretty good service, folks there were nice. They are generally a very busy place.




Waiting for food. Eating with the kids of course.


This is a fresh catch grilled white fish sandwich with coleslaw…and oh yes…just a couple of chips. (No I did NOT eat all those chips, just a few, but they were good so I had to get the wait person to take my plate away before I ate them all).  Fish is on a gluten free bun.


I also had their Angry Palmer…which is like their version of an Arnold Palmer….a mix of lemonade and Iced Tea.  Not so good, I ended up adding some sweetener, it kind of tasted peppery.

But I think the food there is pretty good and I have Celiac Disease so it is important to do the Gluten Free thing properly. I had no problem with their food.

While we were in Grand Marais were lots of boats. But two in particular stood out to me.


A schooner sailing around, had maroon color sails. Not a great photo of it, sorry about that.

Then also,


Okay, Robin (Robyn) is spelled wrong, but pretty close. For those who know me well enough you should get why we took this photo.

Now to cover July 4th, we did fire works and Floating Lanterns while waiting for the big show put on my Two Harbors.


Boy Howdy, we had a few things to launch, but everyone enjoys it.


It had been a little rainy but broke up in time for the fireworks fun to begin.  First fireworks was a lovely Rainbow. You can see in the background a lighthouse.


People waiting for the BIG display put on by the city sitting by the water as the fog begins to roll in.


A ship leaving port to go out to sea coasting through the fog sounding its fog horn to help keep it on the right path.

We did enjoy the fireworks show and at the end…the fog seemed to be setting in again as we left the area.  Remember that lighthouse I mentioned before in the photo with the rainbow?


It had its lights on and you could see the fog as the light cut through it.

That’s really all I have to report on the last few days.

Oh yes, and the fuzzy pink bone battle still rages on at home…20190703_135151.jpg

At the moment it is cat domination, much to Mandy’s dismay.


Fidget: MINE!

Happy Wednesday!

Hello July – July 2, 2019


A misty morn hides the sun. The farmer’s field across the road is starting to show progress.

This weekend was fairly low key. Got the RV out of storage, weighed it along with the car to determine correct tire pressure and check the tires. Then met the kids for dinner at Biaggi’s. Ran some errands after that.  Also, my mother-in-law was ill so we spent some time at the hospital.  She is doing okay, is still pretty uncomfortable.  Feel Better!!!!

We were up there again last night. But once home again, had a late dinner and I glanced out the window at some point during dinner and saw this


Not sure why the photos are so yellowish – but the sky was a weird color anyway. You can see it is a double rainbow, even more interesting is that it was pretty vivid and solid all the way to the other end….right down to the ground.  I was standing out in a light rain taking these photos.  There is also an interesting coloring between the two rainbows.


Seriously, I cannot recall ever seeing a rainbow(s) quite like this one. (or these two)



Here is one the camera took that the sky looked more normal.


The one above is most natural and agrees more with what my eye was seeing.  I have to say, it was pretty fantastic to witness.

AND the battle for the pink bone fuzzy still continues.


Mandy: Let’s see if that cat can get it now!

Happy Tuesday!


The Weekend And Beyond – June 24, 2019


Sunrise with a few raindrops on the window. Not raining when I took the photo but had been a little earlier.


Supposed to be a off and on rainy day.

I haven’t posted for a few weeks, so will catch you up, though there is not much to update on.

However, let’s start with this last weekend.

Friday we went to the Burning Brothers Tap room. Place of great gluten free beer and a food truck also serving gluten free food.  Had a pint there and some Cuban GF food. It was fun to do as the weekend was the back to 50s car weekend at the State Fair Grounds.  The tap room is in that area so we get to see quite a few beautiful old cars while driving to get there.

Saturday was a fairly nice morning so we decided to go to a wine festival in Chisago, MN.


We had never been to that vineyard before. It was very nice. For 10.00 we did the wine tasting.  Some tasty wines made there! We also did a little tour of the fields and so on, got to hear the history and ask questions. Some great live music out there along with different vendors. Lots of places to sit, sip, and enjoy. Also a food truck out there and they serve a few things as well. But a very relaxed, pleasant environment.


At the last minute, we decided, since it was fairly close to the kids, to ask if they wanted to join us. We like spending time with them as well!

They did join us, didn’t do the wine tasting but went on the little walking tour.


And these are the faces of people doing something that was my idea. (one of the reasons I don’t say much in the ‘what do we want to do’ department).  Yes, that is my 40 year old son in law sticking his tongue out at me.  It is actually pretty hard to get a decent photo when he is involved. He has managed to ruin quite a few wonderful photo ops with his desire to annoy. Frankly, I am pretty over caring about it and will just post them regardless from here on out. Not funny but his choice.  However, he is a very nice, intelligent guy and I enjoy being with him regardless. He is a real sweetheart. There is not a thing I would change about him.  Just sayin’…. 🙂


Oldest daughter and grandson. Are we having fun yet?

While on the walking part of the tour we spied this:


A beautiful carriage giving carriage rides.


This is the gorgeous guy pulling it, he actually looked like he was enjoying himself!


Such a beautiful carriage!

On the way to the vineyard we came across the Patriots Ride that was taking place this weekend, lots of motorcycles.


Police were directing traffic and people had chairs by the side of the road, waving as they went by. Very inspiring.

After the Winery tour we went to Wisconsin (since we were close to the border) to pick up some fireworks for the 4th of July and to dinner.


The Dalles House…never been there before, it has an old Supper Club type of feeling. When we walked in, we didn’t hold much hope, BUT it turned out very nicely.


They did the Gluten Free food well, it was good.  I was going to take photos of the food, but tend to put my phone away and just converse with folks, so I forgot to photograph the food.  Yes, an old fashioned idea I guess, but it’s generally like, what, a 45 minute span in a 24 hour day. Still, I will try harder to remember to take a photo of the food.

I WILL say, that though the food was pretty good, it took quite a while to get it. So service was slow, but the wait person was really pretty good.  But then again, we were like one of three tables that had people at them, it was early for dinner. So I don’t know what took them so long to make the food. But all in all, it was pretty pleasant. You know, good company. 🙂


Fidget: Okay, you are boring me.


Lemme: Yep, move on, I have.


Mandy: Wait, Mom, don’t forget those other photos you wanted to post to ‘catch up’. Yawn.

Okay, thanks Mandy, try not to over excite yourself. 😉

June 20th – Last Thursday.




A little stormy in the distance but the clouds were fantastic.

June 19th – Last Wednesday


It was a little humid…moisture on the outside of the window.


Lovely sunrise that day though.

June 12th.


June 11th.


A cloudy day.


June 10th.


Clear skies! Bad photo.

And that about catches us up on the sunrises.


Mandy: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Okay then, if there is nothing more from the peanut gallery….

Happy Monday!

Suddenly Summer – June 6, 2019


Sunrise! Humid this morning, you can see a layer of mist close to the ground.

Day before yesterday the sky looked like this:


Today skies have cleared and it is warming up.


Seems such a short time ago we were awaiting a warm up, Spring being cooler than normal.  Now, it seems, all of the sudden:


Personally, I am not a huge fan of temps over 75 degrees.  Perhaps that is part of why I live in Minnesota. 🙂

Mandy has something she wants to share.


Mandy:  Look everyone, I got my pink bone stuffy back.


Mandy: It was just like ‘BAM’ I grabbed it and ran!


Mandy: I’ll teach this stuffy not to let a cat carry it around!


Mandy:  And take that….


Mandy: Whoa…maybe it tossed it a little too hard that time. Uh-oh.


Mandy: The cats can get it if they want it.


Fidget: What do you think, Lemme?


Fidget: sigh…me too.

Happy Thursday!






Welcome to June – June 3, 2019


Sunrise!  It’s going to be in the 80’s today.


Mandy: So…it’s like this.


Mandy: I got this pink bone stuffy for being such a good girl at my vet appointment. I really like it.


Mandy: Then this started happening…


Fidget: Yes, I like to talk with my mouth full, so this bone stuffy comes in real handy. However, pink isn’t really my color so I always drop it right before Mom snaps a photo.


Lemme: Fidget, I think you have a problem and need help. So get off Mom’s lap and play with the cat toys!


Fidget: But Lemme, I like that bone stuffy! Mandy can play with something else.


Mandy: When Fidget wants something, there is no getting it back, besides…cat slobber is yucky.


Mandy: Back to my old green stuffy bone, besides it is well broken in.


Happy Monday!