Today On The Mississippi – October 3

The final day on the Mississippi for us, a little bit sad about it.. But mostly just because it is ushering change.  Funny how when you get older change seems to have even more meaning that it used to.

Today we do the Orientation and walk-thru of our new house.  As soon as we are done, we are taking off for Chicago, as mentioned in earlier posts.  We will be back, hopefully, on the 11th to close on our house and then will be off again to Chicago.  We are excited for the coming of a new grandchild, despite the craziness of the current situation.  And also excited to get into our new house. But first things first! 😉

However, it also kind of represents to me the beginning of a new phase of our lives. A little uncharted. But that is all for another day.


Today on the Mississippi it’s like pea soup out there.  Can’t see the other side of the river, it is raining and foggy because, just for today, the temps are going from being highs in the 50s, to a high of nearly 80.  No doubt sparking some crazy weather.


Where is the other side of the river?

Happy Wednesday!

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