Today On The Mississippi – October 2nd

Been pretty busy here. We are getting ready to do the walk through on the house we are building tomorrow, and then we’ll be leaving right away for Chicago to be there to help welcome a new little baby boy when he arrives.  Will be hanging with my youngest daughter’s grandson while they are ‘busy’ bringing the new little guy into the world.

But we *did* have time last weekend to hang with my older daughter and family, that live near us here in Minnesota.

This was the last weekend for the Ren Fest!


It was cold, gray and borderline miserable.  But we dressed for it and drank hot beverages.  Caught some jousting while we were there.





Grandson is into archery so he tried his hand with a crossbow.




And then there was the compound bow, which he has more experience with.


There are always so many things to see and do out there….and eat.

But something I hadn’t seen before –


A Tyrannosaurs Rex with fairy wings… hummm

Then things took a dark turn:


Yep – he was threatening to take the life of a skeleton…. 😉

Scary stuff!

After that we had a bite at Drake O’Neils, we went on to the 101 Market to enjoy the Fall Family Harvest Festival I mentioned earlier. (So from Shakopee to Otsego, MN)


As I kind of expected… jumping into the corn pit was first on the list.

Going through the corn maze…, the corn cannon, the potato launcher, funnel cakes, rubber ducky races were all on tap and enjoyed.


As well as the grandson taking a spin with the other guys out there.  There were a few more things but it was getting late and was pretty cold, so we called it a day

Really enjoyed it though.

I will also mentioned that – at the place we have been staying…it is looking kind of sad. Folks leaving, packing up their gear, taking pontoons out of the water and getting ready to store them. We are less than two weeks from them closing the place down until next spring.


The summer party is about over and has come to more of an abrupt halt than usual because of the cooler than normal Fall temps in September and the first part of October.

Happy Tuesday!




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