Made It!

So we did the walk-through for our house. A few things that needed to be attended to.  The bathroom counter tops were pretty scratched up, so they will fix that. I think they will just buff out the scratches. There was no sod yet… who knows when they will get the landscaping done, all it does is rain there these days.  We didn’t get to walk around the outside of the house for the walk through. I didn’t like that, but the Capstone person conducting the walk through said there is another at 30 days, and if there was anything we find during that time, they would take care of it.

After that – it was off to Chicago for my youngest daughter and family.  I have to say, though it was gloomy most all of the way, it was a good time to see the color changes in the leaves.


We were moving along and it was pretty tough getting a photo, there were much, much prettier displays.  But this gives you an idea.

So we got into the camping spot at about 11 pm or there after.

Then yesterday worked from the camper, went and got our car washed, at dinner at the Casino (we are camping in the RV area of a casino, the only place we could find a spot). They gave us coupons, so we tried it out. VERY EXPENSIVE to eat there, so that was a one time thing. We stopped a minute to see the casino and I was sucked into a slot machine for about 20 minutes…hey – I doubled my money and left….helping to pay for dinner.  My other half doubled his money and lost it (talking 10 bucks here). Went back home and pretty much conked out.

Yesterday we also put up our Satellite, we haven’t used it for over a year.  It is always SO tedious getting that thing going.

An it was actually really sunny here yesterday, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen that much sun and I took the opportunity to clean the camper top to bottom, I could actually see everything. Nice! Cleaned the wood, all the nooks and crannies.

Then early morning today – a pretty ferocious storm came rolling through..and it is still gray and raining. But we are here, waiting for our new little grandson to make his appearance.


We just bring the rain with us where ever we go.

Happy Friday!!


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