November 26, 2018

It has been a little on the tough side to get time to do posts, so I am sitting myself down and getting one in today.

Mandy: Oh sure they were busy……..


…watching the Vikes play the Packers!and win!


Okay…okay Mandy, yesterday we worked on getting the Christmas stuff up – photos later, then took off and went to see Blaine take on Elk River in PeeWee Hockey. Oldest grandson plays and SIL coaches.  We always enjoy the games.  THEN we came home and crashed…watching the Vikes after a busy weekend.

Made our first Thanksgiving dinner in the new house this year.  Used to have double ovens, but now, since we have downsized….1 oven.  I will have to say I was having to concentrate a little harder in regard to ‘timing’, but it all came out okay. We fried the turkey outside, per usual and it went’ pretty well.

We did have only half the family here, and the Chicago branch….new baby…wisely stayed in Chicago given the blizzard conditions toward the end of the weekend, though we really missed having them, I was glad they decided to stay put.


and it made the first big dinner in our new place a little bit easier I guess. 😉


Didn’t get a photo of the turkey this year before it was cut up, nor one of it being cooked. But we will get it next year.

Friday we worked on getting the lights outside up, it took a little more effort and time because it is all NEW….so nothing rigged like at the old house where it took us 28 years to get things the way we liked.   Again, no photos yet.  I’m slackin!!!  I’ll get them.

Then we took off to meet the kiddo’s for dinner at Biaggi’s and a movie…Fantastic Beasts.

Dinner was good like it always is at Biaggi’s, but the movie was kind of a disappointment, then again it is clearly a set up for the next one.  Saturday, jeez, not even sure what happened on Saturday. Did we see the kids that day?  I know we worked on finishing the closet system we are putting in the Master Bedroom closet and went over to Costco…I think it was just the two of us eating at Pour…again – great food there.  Both of those places do great with Gluten free eating. Important with me being a Celiac.  I have to say though, the moon on the way home that night – gorgeous!!!


It was huge and just a beautiful orange-ish color.

In the mornings here, we are lucky enough to have a beautiful sunrise, when the clouds go away.  I think the only thing better would be to see the sunset…I love sunsets.  BUT here are what our sunrises look like in November.


So that about covers the Thanksgiving weekend in a nutshell.   We did get some of the inside decorations completed, not quite done there…again, all new space to decorate so different things happening than have been happening for the last 28 years.  But change is always good, though sometimes challenging. It’s all good!!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Happy Monday!!


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