While in Chicago A New Grandson Arrived!


Been about a month since I posted anything.  It has been VERY busy this month and a lot has gone on.

First I will welcome our new little grandson into the world. Born October 19th, he was a much easier delivery for my youngest daughter.

Meet very sweet little Brooks:IMG_20181021_135912235.jpg

He is a sweet, good little guy. We were there taking care of his Big Brother!

Big Brother, Jordan, knows his city pretty well. And while we were spending time with him he took us to the grocery store, where he proved to be quite the knowledgeable shopper!


He knew right where to go in order to get his free cookies. He was the man with the cart and did all the heavy work of pushing it around to get everything we needed.

Didn’t mind catching a little Daniel Tiger on TV while eating his lunch.


He was very excited to get to go to see his Mom and his new Baby brother. Mom was only in the hospital for a day or two.


We also went over to the Chicago Museum to see the trains…mostly for something to do because it was cold and rainy…and it was a good way to kill some time.  But he loves the trains there.


Very happy when Mommy got to come home too!


Finally home!


The next day we got to go for a walk and he was very busy taking care of his little brother.  He loves his brother!


He takes very good care of him!

Happy Thursday!

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