November 27, 2018 (House Tour)

When we were building the new house here I wanted a glass tile backsplash in the kitchen.  I have quartz counter top, so I asked them to leave the quartz backsplash off.  Which they did.  About two weeks ago I finally got the backsplash, as we had to hire out the job.  Bought the tile first, then waited over a month to get their guys out here to put it in. I like certain colors of green, so for a bit of color, light green it was.


It took them a couple of days, though it wasn’t a lot of wall space.




I like it, now that it is done.


This is the counter by the fridge. (art work on greyhound chalk board courtesy of oldest grandson)

Also, we have an alcove above the fireplace that just begged to have a large round something.  My husband said….clock.  So it took me a while but I found one that I liked and ordered it.

This is how it arrived





Didn’t give me a lot of hope for what the item looked like inside!!!


But here it is and it was in perfect shape!  Keeps time beautifully.  Lucked out with that one.

SO…now that you have seen that photo…might as well finish the house, as family who have not been able to visit want to know what the house looks like.

First off…I think it looked a lot better before we put all of our old ‘stuff’ in it. 😉

But here we go, this is a one time thing and don’t look too closely please as I just shot these on a quick whim to ‘get it done’ and didn’t spend time cleaning and de-cluttering. We also are in mid-Christmas decorating mode, so not all done with it yet.


Christmas tree…it looks much prettier in person, standing next to my Grandma’s cadenza…an antique.  It got a bit banged up in storage and with the move, so I have just gotten some ‘stuff’ to do some minor repairs on some gouges and so on.


Some of these will need no explanation.




The white door you see next to the fridge is a very large pantry…I love it.


The white angel statue on the island generally sits on the dining room table, but we have a Christmas Train sitting on the table right now…so it has a new temporary home.


This is the sun room, not a great photo, but there are a lot of windows of course and a door to the outside patio…Mandy goes out that door for her business reasons. 🙂  The cats like to lay on that futon, so I have a washable cover I keep on it.  All in all, it is a very relaxed place, has a massage chair and is actually a very calm feeling place…now just can’t wait to see bathed in a lot of sunshine. Our weather has mostly been quite gray.




Living room – if you look out the window you can kind of see a big white Christmas tree we have out there.   It has colored lights inside of it and when it is dark outside it puts on a ‘light show’ inside the tree.  It is the only Christmas decoration we have in the backyard.


The master bedroom is off the main living room and has a little alcove that I am still trying to figure out what to put in it. So right now shelves with photos of family and other meaningful items.  On the middle shelf, there is a photo of my Dad when he was just 20 months old!  A recent find when unpacking everything.


Yep, master bedroom.


Master bath attached to the master bedroom.






Huge shower area – with tiled in drying area.


I really don’t even know how to show you the shower, but we love it.

The house is basically set up, for the most part, to be able to accept wheelchairs.  So all the doors are extra wide and so on.  The part to the right of this photo is full glass, with a film over it for a little privacy.  Again – not a great photo…but gives the idea.

Off the master bath is our closet which is a room in itself, however, looks a lot smaller since we put in the closet organizer units…still a work in progress.




Down the hall now –


Guest bedroom – double doors.






Two smaller closets in the guest room. (Kids, when you come…I will remove the dolls – no worries, don’t want to creep you out). 😉


A little further down the hall – it’s the office. And someone wasn’t feeling well so worked from home.  Though he is feeling much better now I am told.


Just next to the office is the ‘guest’ bathroom, or main bathroom.


Then going back the other way … (okay Google turn off the tree, Okay Google, turn off the lights… okay Google play Beatles music…or if my Grandson is here, Play Twenty-One Pilots) 🙂


Going to the left at this point gets us here:


Door on the right is the washroom, which has another door in it that leads to the furnace, water softener and so on.



Door to utility room to the left.


Yep – that’s the good stuff. 🙂

Then outside the laundry room to the right, or straight ahead in the previous photo of the hall you will see the mud and coat area, to the left of the hall is a door to the garage.  And the door that was straight ahead is the cat’s room.  Yes! our cats have their very own room, complete with an exhaust fan we had the builder put in.


That is Lemme posing for you, Fidget is hiding out in there. We also store a few things in there. Eventually we are going to put shutters on the windows there, but right now they can see the world and the world can see them back.


This is the coat and mud area, right outside the cat room door AND the garage door is right across from the bench.

And now we are back to the sink…this is the view.


Prrreetttyyy exciting stuff. 😉


Mandy: Yep, so exciting….I couldn’t be more excited.

Happy Tuesday!

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