January 11, 2019 Morning


There it is! The view out my window…another day on the rise.


Looks like it is going to be a pretty nice weekend:


Not a bad forecast for a Minnesota January.  Been kind of a mild winter all in all, still no snow…makes me a little nervous, just waiting for the ‘other shoe’ to drop. 🙂


Mandy is two ears up these days!!  She was having so much trouble with one of her ears, I won’t even go into detail, but even a punctured ear drum.  She would keep the left one mashed down flat to her head all of the time.  It has taken us nearly a year to get a grip on her ear problem.  But as you can see, she’s listening with both.  So either we are saying a lot more interesting things around her, or it just feels better…good enough to raise.  Actually it looks a little odd when she holds her ears like that…I think she’s listening for the sound of Cheese, her favorite.


Mandy: And you know, cheese is pretty quiet, so it takes a good listener to be able to hear someone bite into cheese. I hear more than I let on.  TCHEESEIF

Happy Friday!

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