January 2, 2019



Another beauty! Just want to mention that these photos are taken with my Galaxy 9 Note cell.  No enhancements.




Panorama photo above.

Winter is definitely here, but the holidays are over so the decorations began coming down.  The tree in the back yard is all snuggled in its box until next year.

Most of the decorations were put away inside but:


Yup…still up. We love the lights of the tree so it is getting one more week and then away it goes until Holiday season 2019.

The outside lights are still up, until the weekend as well. As it was pretty cold the last couple of days and we are hoping for a little bit of warmer weather (not with a windchill below zero), to take them down.


Mandy: Mom…


(quick stretch and yawn)…blurred sorry.


Mandy: You are boring me to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


Happy Wednesday!

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