January 4, 2019



You can still see stars (planets – for you DH), it is such a beautiful clear sky.


A few light ribbons of clouds forming towards the top of the photo.




Good morning!

No photo description available.

Coming to the end of the first week of 2019, well it is Friday…TGIF!


YaY! (The emoji that is supposed to look like me….;)  So weird.)

Fridays my husband works from home causing Mandy to be SO confused about where to lay…the office or the living room???


Mandy: Mom, can you please go sit in the office. I need to keep an eye on both of you.


Mandy: Compromise is tough…no bed, but I can see both of you from here when I need to. Just keeping my priorities straight.


Mandy: Or from here….


Mandy: We need a bed in the hall by the front door! You guys are making my life difficult.

Happy Friday!

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