Today is the Day!

Happy Birthday Mandy!  A big 6 years old today!

DSC01283 (2)

We also want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy 2014!

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Mandy’s Birthday

Is coming soon – she’s a New Year’s Baby.

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A Greyhound’s Christmas Wish


I wrote this poem while running the Minnesota chapter of a Retired Racing Greyhound rescue group. To this day I see it used various places and thought… ‘hey, why not on my own blog?!?’

So here it is.

A Greyhound’s Christmas Wish

Dear Santa to you I make my wish,

This could be my very last Christmas list.

No time to be frivolous, I must hurry you see,

I’m no longer the best, they no longer want me.

I’ve heard of places where there are soft beds,

Sofas and pillows to lay your head,

Plenty of food and toys for play,

People who hug you night and day.

I’ve heard of the warmth the hugs can bring,

And car rides to get you wonderful things,

Large spaces to roam when you feel the need,

A place they will love me for being just me.

My wish, Dear Santa, I clearly state,

My hope as I sit closed tight in this crate,

To ask for myself I know is not right,

But please bring a family to love me tonight.

Copyright (C) 1995 Robin Krautbauer

Renner: I am safe, I am happy, and I am very loved. (We sure do miss you sweet boy!)

Safe and Happy Holidays to you and yours! 


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Have A Greyt Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Renner

Have a safe and satisfying Thanksgiving everyone!  Those of you who have visited me from way back will perhaps recognize Renner!  What a sweet boy he was.  I made this back when he was still with us. Sure do miss him. 

Of course it is Miss Mandy (aka Miss Pants as in Mandy Pants) who is still here to snuggle up with this year! Maybe she will get *a little* turkey. All things in moderation when it comes to the holidays and all the goodies that go with them. Smile

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Ruby Two Shoes

This girl was one of the sweetest I have ever had the pleasure of loving. Ruby belonged to my daughter, son-in-law and little guy. We will miss our grand Greyhound. She is at the Rainbow Bridge now. Sad smile

My most heart felt sympathies go out to my oldest Daughter and her family as they have lost such a beautiful, gentle girl today. (tons of hugs to you guys!) She will be greatly missed.  Run free Ruby, without pain and may you have every large, fluffy stuffy at your feet that your heart desires. We love you. Always in our hearts.

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Greyhound Articles Online



16-cullen-with-head-on-ball-copy-cropped-midsized.jpg (640×690)

This is a site put into motion by an old friend of mine. She began the ‘Celebrating Greyhound’ magazine back in the day. I have contributed to the site myself and just came across it again. Filled with information, knowledge and inspiration it is worth a visit.

Hi Marcia! Keep it going…I hope all is well with you and yours. Hugs to you!

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September 1, 2013–Ren. Fest.

There is always a lot to do and see when we go to this Festival! We have a great time. Even more interesting are the people who attend. My own family along with others are among the ‘interesting’ looking folks.




Tis the King himself out and about with the commoners.



Odd Character who popped in and out of our day the entire time we were there.




Little guy busy striking a deal with the local Blacksmiths.



The Father & Son catapult team working out a master plan to bring down yonder castle! 



A local Celeb doing his job. Meet Angus.



Angus has quite a following including Little Guy.



The Queen makes an appearance!


And what the heck is going on here?




Whew!!!!  And whalah… a new belly dancer is born! Smile


Annnnnddd she’s a lot braver than I am, then again she is also nearly 25 years younger. Lookin’ good. I’m guessing she won’t be wearing it to any parent/teacher conferences, but excellent for the Ren. Fest!Winking smile


AND some other interesting people!






What kind of hat is that? LIttle Guy experiments… he totally decided against it.

It was a fun day, lots of good food, and “Huzahs, lots of $20.00 for the King.”

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My Office

This is one end of it….




This is the other end of it…

Office 2


And this is what is right outside the door to it…

Outside Office

It has been out there for weeks. Originally it was adorning some portion of our company carnival. When they took the site down someone came carrying it up to the second floor and was tried of carrying it. She said she was going to sit it there and another person would come by and get it, she was tired of trying to get it upstairs and through doorways.

I am mostly amazed that it is still fully inflated.  Doesn’t really surprise me all that much that no one came to get it. 

Wonder if I should bring it to my daughter’s house for Little Guy…then again I don’t think it would fit into my car. Smile

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Who’s Looking At YOU Fidge…

Fidget decided to force his way into my lap, figured I’d been on my computer long enough. After being proud of himself he looked over at my laptop only to find the laptop was not real happy about being replaced by a kitty.

He stared back at those Owl eyes looking at him for sometime, before dozing off. But I have to wonder just a little bit about the inner workings of his mind while he was staring at the screen.

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Mandy’s Trip Home From Camping.

This is how Mandy has decided she likes riding in our camper. This started recently. Matter of fact, it started on the way home from our last camping trip.



I don’t necessarily feel this is the safest way for her to ride and am not even sure why she suddenly decided to do it as she has soft dog beds, yes more than one, strewn about the aisle of the camper to lay on.

But if she is happy, I am happy.

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